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Who We Are

Refresh Carpet and Floor Cleaning, LLC was founded with the purpose of delivering unmatched customer service and the highest quality carpet and floor cleaning services to our customers. From the start we have only used top-of-the-line equipment, employed certified cleaning professionals and have guaranteed all work within our customers’ homes and businesses.

At Refresh, we focus on 3 guiding principles that drive our company forward:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Customer Relationships

Every business decision that is made at Refresh is implemented with the sole purpose of delivering complete satisfaction to our valued customers.

Community Involvement

It’s hard to find a person, young or old, who has not been impacted by the terrible disease of cancer. This year there will be 1.74 million new cancer diagnoses across the United States and 609,640 cancer-related deaths. Cancer takes too many loved ones away from us and it has to stop.

To help fight cancer we created Cleaning for Cancer, a program designed to help support families who are fighting cancer and to help fund new cancer research through organizations like the American Cancer Society. From day one, 1% of our profits have gone directly to families and organizations fighting cancer. To donate to the American Cancer Society visit https://www.cancer.org/.

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